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We offer three preventative maintenance services plus bespoke repair, replacement or upgrade options to cover specific components or systems

All work begins with a discussion to understand the specifics of your bike and any mechanical issues you have experienced.

Our services are optimised to ensure your bike is maintained to the standards set out by Cytech, the recognised international standard for cycle technicians. Regular servicing is strongly advised to ensure your bike continues to function correctly and to prevent premature failure of components.

All our service packages start with a 20 point inspection.

We can service / repair all bike types and brands - we endeavour to service and repair any bike type or brand. Replacement parts can be a challenge but we will always attempt to source an original component or offer a like for like alternative.

For e-bikes we can service mechanical parts only.

Some on-line only and factory direct brands such as YT and Canyon do not provide product support to independent bikes shops and may not honour warranties if we service or repair your bike. For this reason our service for online only /  factory direct bikes is currently limited to tune up services only.

Tune Up £45

This service is ideal for bikes that have low use or have been laid up during off season.

Service includes:

- Collection and discuss any issues

- 20 Point Check

- Wash & Polish

- Check brakes and adjust

- Check operation of gears and adjust

- Chain and drive-train degreased, checked for wear and lubricated (on the bike)

- Post service report completed and bike returned

Parts: not included

Main Service £75

This service is the ideal preventative maintenance for your bike and we recommend this service at least twice a year for most regularly used bikes.

- Collection and discuss any issues

- 20 Point Check

- Wash & Polish

- Brakes - cables replaced and lubricated

- Brakes - adjusted

- Gears - front and rear mech. cables replaced

- Gears - set-up and adjusted

- Drive train - removed, fully degreased

- Drive train - checked for wear and adjusted

- Wheels trued and spoke tension adjusted

- Post service report completed and bike returned

Parts: Gear & Brake Cables

Full Service £110

Our premium service is ideal for the start of the season to ensure your ride is ready for the challenges ahead. This service is also ideal for bikes that have had a hard season and need some extra TLC.

This is a full re-build of your bike!

- the bike is stripped down to bare frame, all components are fully degreased, inspected and re fitted.

- all cables are replaced, both inners and outers.

- chain is replaced (if necessary the cassette is also replaced)

- headset bearings are checked and replaced if necessary

- bottom bracket is checked and removed and replaced if necessary

- wheels and hubs are serviced, bearing replaced if necessary.

All parts are included in the service price with the exception of headset, bottom bracket bearings and cassette/chainrings.


The ever changing world of bicycle technology can at times seem bewildering. We are bombarded with advice from friends, club experts, youtube bodgers and numerous (mostly paid) on-line influencers - sometimes it can be difficult to separate hype from reality and believe us there is a lot of hype out there!

We pride ourselves on providing independent advice based on what we know works. We are professional cycle mechanics, we regularly attend training from major brands and we maintain our product knowledge to keep up with the latest technology.

If you are thinking about upgrading your bike please drop by the shop, we are happy to discuss your requirements and offer solutions we know work.


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