Vintage XB3 Kharkov – cтарт-шоссе bike

Vintage XB3 Kharkov – cтарт-шоссе bike

XB3 Kharkov – cтарт-шоссе


A rare bike from the Soviet Union built by XB3 (Харьковский ВелосипедныйЗавод) which translates to Kharkov Bicycle Factory


This particular model cтарт-шоссе  or ‘Start Highway’ was intended for semi-professional and authorized cycle clubs only. These bikes were not available on general sale but many found their way into the hands of the more privileged members of soviet society. 


The cтарт-шоссе model was built from 1960s with little change. The rear derailleur (Kharkov 2nd style) dates this bike as late 1970s

  • Important Information

    Vintage bikes are sold as seen. We inspect all bikes for obvious structural issues but do not examine inside frames and we can not guarantee the frames are defect free.

    We attempt to maintain vintage bikes as original as posisble and unless necessary we do not replace parts. We check function of gears, free running of the hubs, cranks and headset bearings. We undertake a basic tune of gears and brakes only. Inner tubes are replaced if punctured. We only repalce tyres if necessery.



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